Satsang with Adesha

Satsang is Spiritual Companionship or association with Truth.

Satsang is held on Tuesday nights:   
7:00 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. 
788 Apple Valley Rd. in Lyons
The Itinerary consists of brief meditation, Adesha conducting Satsang, and beautiful Bhajans. 
We ask for a $10 donation. The proceeds assist with charitable causes.
When we are trying to change our lives it is very important to be in the supportive atmosphere of spiritually minded people. Even if you are brand new at meditation or yoga, Satsang can be very useful. Adesha is often available after class to assist in meditation instruction.

Adesha is available for private Spiritual Guidance consultation sessions. You can reach her at 303.823.9525