• Business Model - Understand the business model
  • Business Strategy View - Know the business priorities & ability to achieve them
  • Transaction Analytics - Get information & insights from transactional data
  • Business Stress View - Know the business stress & arrest degradation
  • Stakeholder Model - Know business stakeholders and create an ecosystem

Adesha's Value through leverage

stress assessment

Help businesses architect themselves better for success

Improve Relationships /  Increase Revenue

Cross-sell analysis

  • AWARENESS of business status
  • DEGRADATION identification through Casual model
  • EMPOWER through Advisory
  • SALES through context & advisory
  • HUMAN touch through stakeholder networks
  • ADVENT of the new banker-business model

Adesha's CAPAbilities

stakeholder network

Convert bank into a community and ecosystem for businesses

Improve Stakeholder / Increase Customer base 

Transformation   through     Transition

Understand business stress in time and assist the business recovery

Reduce NPA and business failures  

Business advisory

Virtual Banker Platform

Business Banking Solution

Adesha's 7 step Innovative solutions for success in modern business banking

Platform to Cross-Sell and Up-Sell existing bank and partner products / services

  • Know the business - Business model, Strategy model & Stress model 
  • Assess the business - Assessment the performance of the business
  • Align with business - Design and partner to maximize sales potential
  • Advisory to business - Provide model, strategy & stress consulting
  • Know the Leaders - Know the business leaders capabilities, knowledge & personality
  • Network Requirements - Assess the capability requirements of the owners
  • Network of Business - Bring in the networks to convert the business into a chain of partners and the bank into an ecosystem