Adesha's 7 step Innovative solutions for success in modern business banking

  • AWARENESS of business status
  • DEGRADATION identification through Casual model
  • EMPOWER through Advisory
  • SALES through context & advisory
  • HUMAN touch through stakeholder networks
  • ADVENT of the new banker-business model

Adesha's Value through leverage

Understand business stress in time and assist the business recovery

Reduce NPA and business failures  

stress assessment

Business advisory

Help businesses architect themselves better for success

Improve Relationships /  Increase Revenue

Convert bank into a community and ecosystem for businesses

Improve Stakeholder / Increase Customer base 

Cross-sell analysis

  • Business Model - Understand the business model
  • Business Strategy View - Know the business priorities & ability to achieve them
  • Transaction Analytics - Get information & insights from transactional data
  • Business Stress View - Know the business stress & arrest degradation
  • Stakeholder Model - Know business stakeholders and create an ecosystem

stakeholder network

Transformation   through     Transition

Virtual Banker Platform

Business Banking Solution
  • Know the business - Business model, Strategy model & Stress model 
  • Assess the business - Assessment the performance of the business
  • Align with business - Design and partner to maximize sales potential
  • Advisory to business - Provide model, strategy & stress consulting
  • Know the Leaders - Know the business leaders capabilities, knowledge & personality
  • Network Requirements - Assess the capability requirements of the owners
  • Network of Business - Bring in the networks to convert the business into a chain of partners and the bank into an ecosystem

Adesha's CAPAbilities

Platform to Cross-Sell and Up-Sell existing bank and partner products / services